Matterport Technology

About Matterport 3D and Virtual Reality Photography

Virtual. Immersive. Interactive. Accurate.

Matterport has built the world’s most advanced platform for quickly and easily creating, understanding and distributing 3D models of real-world spaces. The volume of data Matterport aggregates is fueling its use of deep learning to create the next generation of AI-based computer vision technologies for the digital reconstruction and detailed understanding of spaces.

Each virtual tour is more than just a few photos of your space.  They allow users to step inside and literally see the space from the same point of view as if they were really there with you. Each space is scanned, photographed and measured with pin point accuracy using highly precise 3D scanning laser and HDR Camera providing you with a spatially accurate 3D model wrapped in high quality photography exposing every detail.

Matterport Overview

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